Human Resource:

Víctor  Raúl Pérez Pezo : Agronomist                                   
Silvestre Rosales Sánchez : Economista
Gilbert  Pérez  Pezo  : Food industry Enginner
Jaime Aspajo Juzga : Account officer
Pedro Merino Sifuentes   : Agronomist
Samuel S. Pérez Valeriano : Forestry
Linder  Balbín Vilca : Lawyer

Management of funds

Management of funds:

Fund management is performed through two bank accounts.

  1. Current-Account in soles: The movements of funds is done through check writing, these checks are signed by the Executive Director and the Treasurer.
  1. Savings-Account in dollars: This account serves to recieve resources from abroad. It is managed by cashier checks, signed by the Executive Director and the Treasurer.
  1. Bank Accounts:
  • Savings Account in US Dollars:  N° 560-22649353-1-77
  • Checking in soles:  N° 560-1999056-0-48
  • Code of interbank account (cci): 002-560-001999056048-14

Governing body

  1. General Assembly

    It is the highest organ of authority EFOD.

  2. Board

    It is the governing body of EFOD.

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